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    A creek in the Hornet/Cuddy Mountain area during the fall.
    A creek in the Hornet/Cuddy Mountain area during the fall.

    Hornet/Cuddy Mountain, Council Ranger District

    The Hornet area and east facing slopes of Cuddy Mountain are on the Council Ranger District. These areas are accessed by traveling on the Council - Cuprum Road (FS Road #038) that follows Hornet Ridge out of Council. Approximately 15 miles out of Council, the road splits with a Y - stay left and take FS Road #055 to access the Cuddy Mountain area. 

    Hornet Interpretative Site is located just part that same Y intersection with the #055 road, but stay right at the Y for FS Road #022. The interpretative site is located immediately on the right. It is a picnic area in the summer months and snowmobile parking area in the winter months. This site was once the location of the Hornet Ranger Station.

    Crooked River and the Wildhorse River are two prominent features in this area. You can travel up Crooked River on FS Road #066 off the #022 Road. If you continue further on #022, you can travel up the Wildhorse River on FS Road #070. Wildhorse Falls is an attraction that can be worth the drive if enough water is flowing. FS Road #077 gets close, but does not connect with a road down to Hells Canyon.

    Dispersed camping is abundant throughout these areas. Lafferty Campground is the only Forest Service campground in the area. The campground is location at Lafferty Flats approximately 9 miles past the Hornet Interpretative Site.


    Note there is large piece of Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) owned land in this area (shown as purple on the Forest visitor’s map). Check with them for any specific questions you might have regarding their lands.