Payette National Forest
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    What are Badges?

    As you visit areas on the Payette National Forest, we want to reward you for seeing some of our most beautiful landmarks.

    When you explore places on our app, like our many lakes, you will receive a notification, earning you a badge.

    To track your progress on badges and what badges you have left, simply click the badge icon on the bottom right of the app.

    What Locations are Open to Earn Badges?

    Right now you can earn badges for visiting all our Forest lakes. View the complete list of our lakes by clicking the button below.

    Once you click on a lake, you will be taken to trail which will provide you a map of where the lake is located.

    Visit the lake and earn a badge.

    Share your progress with us here.


    Upper Hazard Lake
    Goose Lake
    Hum Lake
    Snowslide Lake
    Flossie Lake
    Hazard Lake
    Bear Lake
    Payette Lake
    Coffee Cup Lake
    Brush Lake
    Black Lake
    Big Hazard Lake
    Boulder Lake
    Caton Lake
    Carey Lakes
    Summit Lake
    Box Lake
    Upper Payette Lake
    Fogg Lake
    Duck Lake
    Elk Lake
    Frog Lake
    Twin Lakes
    Scribner Lake
    Rainbow Lake
    Serene Lake
    Twenty Mile Lake
    North Lake
    Josephine Lake
    Granite Lake
    Morgan Lake
    Maki Lake
    Lava Lakes
    Loon Lake
    Anderson Lake
    Blackmare Lake
    Buck Lake